Diet and Alzheimer’s: Sugar

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Sugar should be avoided in the diet, especially added sugar.  Sugar has 61 different names when listed as a food ingredient.  For the complete list of names and a host of interesting facts about sugar visit Sugar Science: The Unsweetened Truth.

Alzheimer’s: Sugar increases insulin levels, which if chronically elevated leads to insulin resistance which is highly correlated with Alzheimer’s.

For a more in depth description of the effects on sugar on the brain see How Sugar and Insulin Damage the Brain.

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Eat Curry Avoid Alzheimer’s: UCLA Study of Curcumin Shows Improved Memory and Reduced Brain Pathology

Compared to placebo, the curcumin group showed significant improvement for primary verbal memory, primary visual memory and measure of attention.  PET scans showed strong evidence that amyloid beta deposits and tau tangles in the amygdala declined significantly in the curcumin group.  Furthermore, deposits and tangles in the hypothalmus of the placebo group showed a significant increase after 18 months, but the curcumin group was spared this unfortunate result.

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