Diet and Alzheimer’s: Olive Oil and Other Oils

The oil you drizzle on your salad or use to cook foods can have a profound effect on inflammation and in some cases specifically on brain inflammation.


Trans fats:  Also called trans fatty-acids.  Strongly correlated with systemic inflammation.  Years of research has led to policy changes that have banned and/or phased out trans fats in an increasing number of markets.


Olive Oil:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).  Use this at every opportunity.  This is probably a large reason the Mediterranean Diet has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s.

Temple University in the U.S. found the following about EVOO:

  • EVOO reduced inflammation in the brain
  • EVOO improved Alzheimer’s related behavioral deficits
  • EVOO increased levels of synaptophysin, a protein found in healthy synpases
  • EVOO reduced the levels and deposition of insoluble Aβ peptide
  • EVOO lowered the amounts of phosphorylated tau protein
  • EVOO activated cell autophagy

EVOO also contains omega-3 fatty acids shown to be neuroprotective:


Canola Oil:  May contribute to Alzheimer’s.

  • The mouseheimer’s study comparing memory […]