This information comes from the 2003 study A dietary supplement abolishes age-related cognitive decline in transgenic mice expressing elevated free radical processes. It’s from the same group that brought us the 2013 mouse study covered previously.

Please remember that this formula is for mice and to my knowledge is untested on humans.  I give you the human equivalent dosages to make the information more relatable.

Frustrated by the vague details of their oft mentioned “complex dietary supplement” I was forced to shell out $40 to the publisher of the 2003 study in order to uncover the mystery of the individual vitamins and supplements.  Finding everything listed in mouse sized quantities I then calculated dosages for a human.

Here for your viewing pleasure is the list with most quantities rounded.  The quantities are mostly listed as milligrams, but some are in international units, and finally in micrograms (one-thousandth of a milligram).


Daily Amount
Mg iu mcg
Vitamin B1 140
Vitamin B3 140
Vitamin B6 140
Vitamin B12 140
Vitamin C 699
Vitamin D 486
Vitamin E 280
Acetly L-Carnitine 2,800
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 140
ASA (Asprin) 486
Beta Carotene 9,714
Bioflavinoids 840
Chromium Picolinate 280
Cod Liver Oil 980
CoQ10 85
Flax Seed Oil 4,200
Folic Acid 2
Garlic 4
Ginger 1,400
Gingko Biloba 280
Ginseng (Canadian) 1,680  
Green Tea Extracts 1,400
L-Glutathione 70
Magnesium 140
Melatonin 2
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 1,400
Potassium 70
Rutin 140
Selenium 210
Zinc (chelated) 27