Diet and Alzheimer’s: Vegetables

Grade: mostly good

As expected vegetables are good for you.  Most colorful vegetables are low in carbohydrates (corn is an exception), while starchy vegetables can actually be a rich source of carbs.  Because the body can readily convert the starches in potatoes and corn into glucose and cause a spike in glucose levels, they should be eaten sparingly.

For more information on why a glucose spike should be avoided click here.

The Glycemic Index was created to rate foods for their effect on glucose levels.



Diet and Alzheimer’s: Sugar

Grade: F

Sugar should be avoided in the diet, especially added sugar.  Sugar has 61 different names when listed as a food ingredient.  For the complete list of names and a host of interesting facts about sugar visit Sugar Science: The Unsweetened Truth.

Alzheimer’s: Sugar increases insulin levels, which if chronically elevated leads to insulin resistance which is highly correlated with Alzheimer’s.

For a more in depth description of the effects on sugar on the brain see How Sugar and Insulin Damage the Brain.

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